On the plains before us the raiders still appeared to be waiting, as if they wanted us to go to them. An arrow or two was loosed jordan 8 retro by some patriotic citizens on the citadel walls, but they fell hopelessly short. I was watching the raiders sit there as still and controlled as I had ever seen them when another shout went up: a long, pronounced hurrah that started in the citadel and spread throughout jordans on sale cheap the Greycoast forces, even echoing down from the Verneytha cavalry. I turned to Lisha and the spear line in front of the wagon for an explanation, jordan 11s cheap but only the handful of reinforcements seemed to know what was going on and laughed and cheered with the rest.
I was ready. The crossbows sat taut and deadly on their stands and I knelt behind them, consciously noting and re-noting where my personal weapons were so that I could seize them if necessary. The ranks had grown silent and expectant in the bright afternoon, all eyes towards the approaching riders. Orgos, still girls air jordan 10 mounted, glanced over his shoulder to where the dust cloud had grown sharper and had sprouted men, distinct and shining in the sun. The sandy earth burst under their horses’ hooves like breaking waves and they sailed towards us, motionless in their saddles, crimson cloaks now visible cheap air jordan retro at their backs, their pennanted lances raised. They were slowing down.
Lisha’s black eyes glittered at me and I felt my irritation and resentment shining through like torchlight.
On the deck, discarded from our last training session, was a blunted épée. I seized it and turned back cheapest jordans shoes online to face the captain, who was drooling and laying about himself pointlessly with the squat and murderous-looking cutlass, his eyes locked on me.
Stick around, I thought, and they’ll wound more than your pride.
He nodded. There was a momentary pause in which I took a deep retro jordans for cheap online breath.
The infantry watched them as if they were ghosts. Close by, somebody began to weep. The four cavalrymen stopped and stared about them, unsure of what to do next.
They probably had another.